Regain Penile Clamps

Shown here in its closed position, the Regain Incontinence Clamps applies gentle pressure to the
underside of the penis, stopping the flow of urine so you don’t leak.

The Regain’s unique design provides continence control that’s effective, comfortable and easy to use. It’s made of materials that have been carefully chosen to enhance your comfort.. soft foam wrapped in flexible plastic. The Regain fits your anatomy and is so compact that it’s easy to conceal. Urologists recommend the Regain Penile Clamps to their patients because clinical studies have shown it to be safe and effective.

The Regain is an external device that wraps around your penis and provides gentle pressure in just the right spot to prevent urine leakage. The Regain is made of flexible plastic with foam on the inside.
It has:
1. Hinge in the middle.
2. Upper Arm.
3. Lower Arm.CLAMPS
4. Elastic Strap on the outside of the Upper Arm. The Elastic Strap is used to hold the device in place.
5. Control Pad on the inner surface of the Lower Arm that presses against the urethra to block the flow of urine. The urethra carries urine out of your body and is located on the underside of your penis, close to the skin. To urinate or to remove the Regain Penis Clamp, loosen the Elastic Strap and open both arms.

Do not use the Regain if you have a urinary catheter or implanted penile prosthesis.


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