Incontinence In Men

Urinary incontinence (Incontinence) is the accidental leakage of urine. At different ages, males have different risks for developing Incontinence. In childhood, girls usually develop bladder control at an earlier age than boys, and bedwetting—or nocturnal enuresis—is less common in girls than in boys. However, adult women are far more likely than adult men to experience UI because of anatomical differences in the pelvic region and the changes induced by pregnancy and childbirth. Nevertheless, many men do suffer from incontinence. Its prevalence increases with age, but UI is not an inevitable part of aging.

Most causes for men are:
Nerve Problems
Prostate Problem
Prostate Symptom Scores

Incontinence in men is a treatable problem. To find a treatment that addresses the root of the problem, you need to talk with your health care provider.

The three forms of Incontinence for Men are:

stress incontinence, which is the involuntary loss of urine during actions—such as coughing, sneezing, and lifting—that put abdominal pressure on the bladder

urge incontinence, which is the involuntary loss of urine following an overwhelming urge to urinate that cannot be halted

overflow incontinence, which is the constant dribbling of urine usually associated with urinating frequently and in small amounts

Dribbling advances from a couple of drops after urination to a leak that's difficult to control.


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