FAQ Regain Penile Clamps

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Since the Regain Incontinence Clamp is available without a prescription, should I still see a doctor?
Yes, it’s a good idea. Leaking urine is a symptom – not a disease in itself, so you should see your doctor to find out what’s causing your leakage.

Does one Regain Incontinence Clamp size fit all?
No. There are two sizes available, regular and large. The regular size fits most men.

Does the Regain Incontinence Clamp impede blood flow in the penis?
No. The Regain’s unique shape is designed to stop just the flow of urine.

How long does each Regain Incontinence Clamp device last?
Don’t use a device for more than 6-7 days. After that, its unique shape starts to break down and it won’t work effectively.

Can I clean or wash the Regain Incontinence Clamp?
No. If you wash it, the Regain may not work effectively. You should discard a Regain device and replace it when it becomes soiled, wet or damaged.


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